Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Fall

Weds, May 22, 2013.

Falling of your bicycle is a great way to end up questioning 99% of the life decisions you've made leading up until that point. I thought I was doing okay, until about two weeks ago. It was too late when I saw the other rider, and as my tire slammed into hers (and I was thrown downward into the asphalt), I couldn't help but consider a small slew of what if's in regards to my station in life. In regards to the fact that I, age 29, have managed to be in a space without health insurance, and with a traumatic, as yet undetermined shoulder injury.

Trips to the ER. Referrals to specialist. Appointments 3 weeks after the fact. Bills, bills, bills.

Can't say that I'm thrilled to go through any of this, but it has been a reminder to slow down. A reminder to respect my body. A reminder to pay attention. I will still practice my yoga, but I'm looking forward to reconnecting with more of the aspects apart from asana. Note to Self, stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ouch. a shorty.

When one decides to start a Mysore practice, and then takes a week or two off; there may be some soreness and/or tightness when one returns. Especially if one gets to riding one's bicycle rather intensely in that interim.

So, I've restarted this week; and it ain't pretty. Marichyasana D is the bane of my existence; and let's not even talk about the extra tightness in my hamstrings. Though I've done led Ashtanga in the past, I always managed to avoid a Mysore practice for one reason or another--ie the studios I attended didn't offer it, the timing conflicted with my work schedule, but mostly I suffer from a chronic inability to be functional in the early am.

Alas, this is supposed to be a short post. I have decided to get on the self-improvement express train (supposing I was on the local before), and I am going to commit to this whole early-morning practice thing. I can use all the help (energetic encouragement, good vibes, bananas, advice on jumpbacks) you have to offer.

May I have insights a'plenty, and injuries a few. Namaste.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is This Thing On? aka An Uncleverly Titled First Post

Hello, all. This is merely a test post to ensure that this lil old corner of the internet is up and running. My name is Rebecca, and this is be good karma. Be good karma is my yoga practice, and it is my outlook upon this life. It is my food, and my style, and my day to day. The launch of this blog will be heavily focused on chronicling my current mentorship & 500 hour training, but more on that to come. For now, I can merely say, "Stay tuned."